Monday, November 13, 2006

千二百四十五: Small pieces of joy

Today began as a horrible day. I couldn't sleep last night worrying bout whether I would be able to get the air tickets on the flight I wanted (needed) and only managed to sleep after tossing and turning until 3-4am. It was the only timing I could fly, given that there was lessons that day, and there was only that one day that Maya would be in Japan still as she was leaving on holiday as well.

Woke up grumpy, and my dad ruined the chee cheong fun they tried to save money by cooking instead of buying from the hawker by scrimping on the soy sauce. -.- without the soy sauce, chee cheong fun is like yucks lor. he kept saying it was nice, (because he never ate any himself!!) and my mom thought i was just being difficult until she ate a piece herself and she also said it was yucks. my sis too. HAH. it wasnt me!!! grr. i still tried to eat a few pieces but it was really horrible. and i kena scolded for being grumpy. sighz.

and I called the ticketing and they said the SQ flights were all sold out on the time i wanted. I was put on the waiting list. sighz, and i was forced to reserve JAL seats instead. the taxes for JAL were nearly a hundred bucks more expensive.

then in the afternoon... i got an invitation to watch Casino Royale this friday! hehe.. thanks CS! i was looking at my accts, thinking i cant spend any money this 2 months cos of the Japan trip and having to pay for 2 tix in advance next week, and this invite is like one of the brightest spot today. hehe.

of cos gd things comes together, then the ticketing person called and said i got the SQ seats! yay!!!! so happy, can save that amount of money. and of cos SQ entertainment is definitely better haha.

so.. a shitty day became a pretty ok day in the end. 2nd dental appt tomorrow, abit dreading the adjustments cos i finally am able to eat somewat normally today again. argh.


Anonymous CS said...

Hey there, glad that your day turned for the better. You're welcome in regards to the movie tix. It's was given to me free and thought that I could return the favour I owe you for the sunday's "aeroplane". Anyway, the Duolos would still be ongoing this weekend, interested?

Good that you can save a little on the taxes in regards to flying. Enjoy your trip, yea!

12:16 pm GMT+8  

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