Friday, November 17, 2006

千二百五十:Stress Level↑

Everyone was so cranky this morning. My mum was on the edge the whole time, raising her voice at the slightest problem. After I got my work, she kept standing behind me to monitor, like I didn’t know how to type the stuff at all. Which made me cranky also, cos I hate people to assign me stuff and then stand behind me when I already said yah, I understand liao. If you have the time to stand behind me and look, why don’t you just do it yourself?

I was wondering why so late still haven’t received the invitation for June’s wedding. So I asked the rest of the class. … apparently they had received le. I had been forgotten. ….. wah liu. Very sad. Thanks to those who tried to console me.. but after I heard the date, think I can’t go anyway. Have lessons on Saturdays from 2-5.30pm. sighz…. First JC classmate ‘s wedding and I miss it. & somemore I have never been to a church wedding! Wonder if it’s really as touching as in the movies.

I’m a little hooked to reading the flowerpod forums these days. At work especially. Hehe. Its like the only contact with the outside world here and I’ll just open up all the pages and d/c from internet and slowly read my way through all the threads. Yesterday, I checked the HWZ forums also, and also started looking at some of their more interesting threads like travel. I dunno why some people like to sound so know-it-all. This guy asked for opinion on a certain group tour to Japan, and this moderator of the thread replied in such a horrible tone. Like.. “if you want to go on this might as well don’t go”. He’s apparently an advocator of free and easy tours from his earlier replies in the thread, but the thing is not everyone is so adventurous and some are not as street smart and will probably feel very helpless in Japan where so little English is spoken. Yah, we might be able to read Kanji, but not all signs have kanji as well. Such unconstructive replies without knowing the background of the person asking for opinion are really a turn-off. Like what if that guy is bringing his grandparents there etc? in that case group tour is definitely better isn’t it. Transport totally arranged, nice lodging, there’s a guide that they can turn to in case of emergency etc. better for the elderly isn’t it?

Casino Royale tonight. The new James Bond is so not handsome as compared to Pierce Brosnan. I hope his acting is good enough to cover for that. The dress code is abit confusing, for girls, smart casual is like.. shirt and skirt? Pants? And I dun wan to dress in office wear just to go for the movies. So I hope my outfit is a good mix of smart casual and having fun. Hmmm. I realized I dun have any dress pants.

I wish Ryo would reach home soon. All my winter wear are at his place and I need to confirm if there’s anything he can’t find etc but he’s on business trip and there’s some extension of his trip and he delayed his return. Argh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh, I forgot to comment on your outfit the other night...

I thought it was good and hope it was comfortable on you... the reception was sooo warm and hope you'd enjoyed the movie!

12:57 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

yup yup i did :) thanks!

8:50 pm GMT+8  

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