Tuesday, November 21, 2006

千二百五十四: Poke Poke

I wonder what comes to most people's mind when they see the word "poke". Something long? something dirty? or pokemon? wahahaha!

the hole (ulcer) in my inner left cheek is getting bigger and worse. i actually can poke the ulcer with my tongue and feel abit of the meat/skin flapping. (o.O) gross huh?
I might be a masochist. Even though that ulcer is hurting like mad, I can't help but push my food over to the left side of my mouth to chew. it's just habit i guess. and then end up the rice or small bits get stuck between the ulcer and my gum and i can't get it out and it stings worse. heh.


Anonymous Davmes said...

Hey, I know how it feels. It'll be better if you add salt to it. Especially a BIG piece of salt that resides neatly into the ulcer... ultimate sensation!

2:56 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

siao ah! i am not soooo masochistic!

10:38 pm GMT+8  

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