Saturday, November 25, 2006

千二百五十八: Your Theme Song

If you had a theme song to your life, what would it be?

Is it an English song, a Chinese song or some other language?

I studied today, or tried to but couldn't concentrate very much, my mind kept drifting off to other things. I have many things bothering me, or is it just PMS? Maybe I am a worrier. I woke up from a 3 hour-nap in the afternoon, drifted off on the couch and was very grouchy. Of cos, some things triggered my irritation as well, like how some people can't keep their promises and keep delaying things they promised to help you do. I expected it, I know its not kind of me but nowadays, I expect the worst from anyone who promises me anything so that I don't feel let down. Rather, in my head, I'll go "Yah just as I expected". Few people have actually not fulfilled that expectation. Or do I just know all the same type of people?

I feel like calling off the Japan trip. I haven't got my winter clothes and I am sick of reminding him and waiting for him to send them to me.

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