Friday, November 24, 2006

千二百五十七: Things to do

Got so many things i need to be doing or get done!!

1. Study for Japanese exam (next sunday!!!)
  • Read thru Grammar book again
  • Read thru Kanji book again
  • Look at adverbs in Pyaess text
2. Prepare for Japan trip
  • Buy Suitcase
  • Buy presents /souvenirs for colleagues and the kids
  • Gather winter clothing
  • Buy his bday present
  • Make christmas cards
3. Get materials for course and prepare
4. Go for dental appointment.

hehe.. alot of mini tasks actually.

Today. it had to rain when I was wearing the blister causing shoes again. -.- the heels had a hole in their pointed area and if i stepped in a puddle, my toes would get wet lor.

Got confidentiality form, I can't say anithing here. hehe. I can only say it takes me 1hr 45 min to travel to Expo MRT. It's a nice place, the people were friendly as well. I just hope I get to see them again.

Less than a month to seeing him again. In January, it would be 6months, 1/4 of my bond is over and only 1.5 years left.

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