Monday, November 27, 2006

千二百六十: Rain & the Sneezes

it's raining so much nowadays. of cos, the weather turning cold will lead to our immune systems down when we kick away our blankets at night. I can't stop sneezing, and a little headachy, and got a little rain on me just now. I hope I'm not coming down with anything. I do want to get the JLPT over with first. ... then zzzzzzzzz for a while.

I got my textbooks today! after msging the coordinator, she finally called to say i could collect my books from the student services area today. i got the lesson plan and the reading says to read chapter 1,2,4,5,7,8 and 9. I excitedly flipped to the content page and saw that in total, the book has 10 chapters. -.-! omg! read the whole text book by this friday?! sighz. if I can finish studying my Japanese first.

things are at a cooling point today. I hope they get warmer again soon.

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