Sunday, December 03, 2006

千二百六十六: Finally a Breather

YAY! finally this major exam i been cramming for is over.

Ok.. even though I know I probably won't pass, (can only pray that my guesses are more correct than wrong) but, at least I can gauge where my level is with all that intensive studying. if only they were kinder to set passing at 50%. but no, they had to set it at 70%. and I heard this boy saying today it's his 3rd time. argh! so to hope for a first time pass is abit too much I guess.. Listening Compre was super tough today, but the compre was quite ok, unless i understood wrongly..? argh.

oh well. but its's over at least! hoho. until next december that is. sighz.

have to gear up for the next exams, one in January, another in February and also for the 5 modules in June. 頑張れ!

Met the family at Bugis at the Crystal jade Macau for dinner. The food there was so ex, i think I prefer the normal Crystal Jade. after that we went Singtel and i finally got the K800i! wahahah! for free! cos singtel was offering it at $0 for Premium 1500 plans and my dad signed another 2 years on his line. else I had no phone to go to Japan with in case the tuition called or the company called etc. got the brown one, it actually looks better than the black, even though I was sorta biased toward that colour in the photos. but the real one looks great! hoho.

so Happy i can now surf net without feeling guilty and I have time to read the papers liao. 18 more days to Japan! hee hee

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