Saturday, December 02, 2006

千二百六十四: The 4 Characters You Meet

I haven't stayed at home and studied so diligently in a while.

With only a short break at 2 plus to eat my lunch of instant noodles, I managed to get the readings done and leave on time.

Tonight was the first lesson. Felt quite lonely, as most of the other people in the class already knew other classmates from the bachelor's classes liao. The classroom was freaking cold and I hadn't bring a jacket. -.- tomorrow i must bring..

The lecturer was quite funny, and he sounds like Forrest Gump, with abit of a Southern drawl when he speaks. The main thing we learnt today was the character behavioral recognition, where u recognise a person by his assertiveness and responsiveness. Based on this, you get 4 types of people: Amiables, Expressives, Analytics and Drivers. haha. He was an obvious Expressive (high responsiveness and high assertiveness) and his stories lecturing was very funny. At least i roughly understand what he spoke about, though I wish I had more experience to draw from when answering his questions that were industry related, eg, wat kind of policies for this industry is a programmed decision etc? that kind of question. But the whole feel of the class is still very much him speaking and the rest of the people were so quiet, all waiting for him to answer his own questions. sighz. I am not looking forward to group work though...

Lesson 2 tomorrow. I still haven't finish my japanese revision... (T.T)


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