Friday, December 15, 2006

千二百七十五:It's only Thursday??

I can't believe it's only just turned Friday.

Last week went by really fast with lessons at night and going home exhausted. but this week, this week is like a slow motion tape. The days' are going by so turtlishly.. I'm seriously exhuasted.

I think I made a very silly move out of stupidity last nite. But maybe it would be closure to the horrible incident of 4 years ago?

I had a chance to speak to a Japanese guy today. at the recruitment agency. haha. He's a job consultant, probably came in to speak to me and test my language ability, and I'm glad I was up to it. The lady was mean though. dunno where she's from, she has not heard of Capcom (and she dares to call herself a job consultant for the Japanese market!?) and she was damn condescending in the way she spoke. Well, her own limited knowledge shows very much about her, I actually trust that Japanese consultant more. She obviously looks down on SMEs, well, and I would say she is very obviously the kind that is out for commission. well. Let's see how things go..

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