Thursday, December 07, 2006

千二百六十九:Playstation 3

I saw a guy walking out of Gamescore in Funan on Monday carrying a Playstation 3.

It was.. surreal? (a nice way of putting it rather than I never thought anyone would buy it yet)

The prices are still aroung S$1000 for a set here, and probably sooner or later, teething problems will show with the hardware and software as do all new technological products. without a HD-TV, the full graphics capability can't be viewed anyway. Hehe, sounds very sour grapes.. I really am not!! bUT I can't imagine buying that machine at that cost, almost full nett pay gone, and costing more than an air ticket?! hmm but then i might do that if i'm super rich... so .. hehe..

but I want a set of Nintendo Wii though. It's half the price of the PS3 and has the new remote control-styled game controller as novelty.

very interesting new concept isnt it? it's supposed to be more instinctive and interactive. watch this and u'll noe how it works: (if you dunno yet i mean)

looks fun right? but all sold out in Japan le i think. . have to wait for the next production batch le.... can't wait!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wan to play zelda! Do lemme know if u can find Wii in Sg...

8:59 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

hehe.. sure!! so far.. i haven't seen any ads in the local stores yet though..

11:45 pm GMT+8  

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