Sunday, December 17, 2006

千二百七十八: Takashimaya Squeeze

Today was a mad rush.

I had to rush finish my project due tomorrow. (only given one day to do..) and then I had to finish packing my luggage for thurs' flight, so that I know if anything I'm lacking, and also had to get the gifts for one more set of kids still. argh. There was supposed to be tuition, but at 1.30pm, was still rushing my proj, my sis went in my place. thanks thanks thanks thanks. she bought me some time, I had enough time to clear my work and then pack the luggage as well. all done while I was continuously sneezing and sneezing and my nose running like a tap. I dunno why that happened. and the rainy weather didn't help. I managed to finally get to the toy fair at Taka at 6pm, it was so crowded, and actually, very little variety too. Was supposed to get something for the Okubo boys, but i couldn't find anything, decided to buy a new gift for Akane-chan and just give the original gift intended for her to the boys instead. ...

The project work is still pending my partner's part. which she is supposed to complete by tonight. and i hope she does. hmm.

on a sidenote. Ryo went on his flight to London (JL421) at 11am this afternoon (singapore time), and his flight has only just reached London. hmm ok is going to reach in 5 minutes time at 1540 London Time (2340 Singapore time) so that's a total of.... 12 hours 40 minutes from Japan to London? wow, I hope he has good entertainment on the plane.. poor thing and he still has to wait for a connecting flight to Edinburgh (did you know this place is known as エジンバラ e-jin-ba-ra in Japanese?? haha) for another 3 hours.. gd luck and have fun!

yay, at the end of his trip, will be me flying to his land again. yay!!

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