Sunday, December 17, 2006

千二百七十七: The Holiday

the show is so romantic and heartwarming.

The beginning of the show was reminiscent of Love Actually, but it turned out to be less complicated (less characters) but very much the same style, with narration, and the story progressed with many twists. Many witty dialogue lines as well, laughed very hard. :p Jude Law was so yummy!

my toe nail is peeling off. i dunno why but it broke off and blood gushed out. (yuck!) and I dunno what to make of the outing tonight. Maybe I should just not think so much about it. it was abit awkward at first, I didn't know what to say, but later conversation just flowed and it was pretty fun after all. haiz.


Anonymous damienm said...

thanks for the advice about New Years, I`m thinking about Meiji but heard it will be over-run with people.
A random question but do you have any advice about Dentists? My teeth are causing me problems!
Many Thanks, Happy Christmas!

1:43 am GMT+8  

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