Thursday, December 28, 2006

千二百八十八 : 寄せ鍋

so let's see what i've done..

  1. Cook Brunch
  2. Shower
  3. Go to Umeda
    1. Buy 手帳
    2. Go to Yodobashi/ Kinokuniya
    3. Get Ryo a gift
  4. Back to Temmbashi
    1. Buy Microwavable Rice
    2. Buy Bak Kut
    3. Buy some small dishes
  5. Finish up Essays (at least another 2)
  6. Cook Dinner

Oops. the last part seems undone.

I couldn't find Bak Kut anywhere! apparently, the supermarket at Nishinomiya where I used to live was really good to have so much variety, but not the ones in osaka. grrr. so i had to last minute think of what to prepare for dinner and decided to finish the remaining 鍋 soup instead. so tonight its 寄せ鍋 yo-se-nabe(i dunno what it means but the soup is clear and it has chicken and fish in it instead of pork) for dinner and i already prepared the vegetables (cut everything up) and i'm just waiting for him to be back. i hate it when he can't even bother to inform me when he'll be back so i can have some snack in the meantime if he's going to be very late. -.-

i bought another 2 games & a diary for my sis oso.. its so cute, its better than the Disney ones i bought last year. haha. Tummy was aching very badly today, I dunno why, hope its not some virus. didn't have much mood to walk too much around.. so just came back after 2 hours ++ ... i'm hungry........ nvm i'll try to keep myself full with eye candy:

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