Sunday, December 24, 2006

千二百八十三: Tokyo Remnants

i woke up late, later than i had wanted to and only checked out at 11am when i had wanted to reach Shinjuku at 10am. Turned out to be a good thing, cos Maya was late for another 1 hour, after helping kev find his way and decide where to go, i still wandered around for about 40 min.

Despite me thinking I had wanted to buy some clothes, after walking around Shibuya abit, I didn't see anything I like and walked into the huge Tsutaya at the famous Shibuya intersection.

Maya finally reached and we went to Omotesando for lunch. She brought me to a pasta restaurant where apparently many artistes frequent, but we didn't have the luck to see any one famous that day. went to the SMAP shop, or the outside of it at least. -.- it was so chaotic. there was a super long queue of at least 50m, to enter a shop about 2m x 5 meters large. nothing much was sold inside, I could see from the outside, so I didN't think it was worth entering.

We met Miura-san at Asakusa, got a Omikuji. I'm 小吉。half of the luck in everything. not too good not perfect, but not too bad. sighz. ok i'll try again to draw a 大吉 lot during new year. Had dinner with somemore tokyo people near the office, chinese place with the spiciest 麻婆豆腐 i've ever eaten. it was shockingly spicy. but shiok. haha.

dinner lasted hours, they were very kind to treat me. and they sent me off at the night bus area. the bus actually took quite a short time, considering they woke us up twice at the rest stations, we started off at about 11.30pm and reached Osaka at 7.40am. 8 hours, and i felt that i barely slept but I must have.

Ryo fetched me from the terminal when I reached, i'm so happy to see him! after we dropped the stuff in the apartment, we went shopping for food for the next days, and some amenities. the apartment I used before in August, it was better even though the building was old, it had everything including utensils. here.. nothing. although the good thing is the washing machine. but they never provide washing powder!! and no soap no towels. sheesh.

will upload fotos in a day or so when i finally have a chance to breathe. cheers!


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