Friday, December 22, 2006

千二百八十二: Free P***

there's 3 free channels for adults or any one who's above 18 and that's pretty rare in a budget hotel. this budget has a 32Inch Plasma flat screen mounted on the wall tv for u to enjoy that even. woohoo.

today was in tokyo. landed at Narita at 7am. I had a scare that my suitcase was lost when it didn't appear long after Kev's but lucky, just a scare. went to deposit the stuff at the hotel, took a quick shower and went to the Shinjuku area. I will elaborate more on that in a few days but it was a happy incident. haha.

Hung around Shinjuku after that, and i finally got my game and luckily it was at a discounted price even! haha! happy about that.. but its a kiddy game, and I'm kind of embarrassed playing it in public on the DS.

after that we wandered around ginza and parted ways in the evening. I fell asleep in the subway, and woke up with a start when I dropped my bag on the ground. -.-

Dinner with maya and tokyo people at a korean place. I went to the tokyo office to say hi to everyone and i'll be seeing some of them tomorrow again i think. :)

ok going to watch more "tV" and play my game until i fall asleep. bye bye!


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