Tuesday, December 26, 2006

千二百八十五: 鳥羽 (伊勢志摩)

It was a trip to Toba (鳥羽)yesterday, in 三重県 (Mia Ken).

the trip was very worth it. There was some promotional passport (discount plan) that included the train ride return tix (8000yen), entrance to all the major attractions, (which cost about 4000 yen in total for the places we went) and internal transport. the passport cost only 9500 yen!

まわりゃんせ パスポート

went to the Mikimoto Pearl Farm & bought something for my mom. the pearl cultivating process is quite cool, they even have a Mikimoto musuem. did you know the founder used to sell udon? & they use female divers to harvest the oysters..


there was a model of the liberty bell displayed
pearl liberty bell
its made of pearls, all of it..

after that, went to the Toba Aquarium. it has so many weird fishes! like this:

& this vacuum cleaner type fish:

& i think this jellyfish is dying:
here's a normal jellyfish:
they got those normal leg things but the first one doesn't..

anyway.. most of the pics are posted here:

go see :)


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