Sunday, December 24, 2006

千二百八十四:Xmas dinner (& some photos)


Me at Xmas Eve Dinner tonight. :) was wearing a knit dress, was sleeveless hence the jacket. think its my first proper picture i dare to post up with me and my braces.

everything tasted good except the strange desserts.


Very cute, all christmas themed but they taste anything BUT Christmassy. sour, sweet, fruity. the purple one on the right is the worst. We couldn't tell wat the filling was, except its a pear dyed purple. very weird taste. but overall the dinner was great. thank u mr Ryo..

Oh, the omikuji fortune from yesterday:
おみくじ Omikuji (fortune lot)

and this is what it means:
omikuji meaning

not that great huh? but at least its not a bad lot. all the photos were taken with the K800I. Pretty good quality hor?


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