Thursday, December 28, 2006

千二百八十七 : Midnight Sun

I got this movie off the net and found out its another drama adaptation. 太陽の歌 is its real name. The show is quite slow, and I found myself skipping many parts, cos the romantic parts were not very romantic, the singing parts were too much.. but the last scene was quite touching. She died, in a coffin of sunflowers covering her body. (T.T)

& I suddenly came to a conclusion why I might look more mature. due to subtle changes. like. my teeth. the straightening in front might be a very subtle thing, and people can't tell why i look different. reminds me of Harry Potter, where Hermoine made her teeth smaller after an accident and people tot she looked prettier but didn't see why. Very small changes, but very significant differences.

I just woke up at 10.30am, spoke to my mom on the phone. drinking my favourite Milk Tea (only in Japan) by Nestle now, think i'll get my butt off the bed and go down to umeda to get myself some things b4 coming back to try to complete my essay and to cook dinner. argh. tonight's menu, is Bak Kut Teh. hoho. luckily there's a 肉屋 just downstairs.. will buy after I come back again later.

so Today's itinerary:
  1. Cook Brunch
  2. Shower
  3. Go to Umeda
    1. Buy 手帳
    2. Go to Yodobashi/ Kinokuniya
    3. Get Ryo a gift
  4. Back to Temmbashi ->
    1. Buy Microwavable Rice
    2. Buy Bak Kut
    3. Buy some small dishes
  5. Finish up Essays (at least another 2)
  6. Cook Dinner
i've also discovered a secret gift hidden in Ryo's luggage when putting his laundry into his bag. hehe. can't wait. oops.. i better add Get Ryo's Gift to the list as well


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