Sunday, December 31, 2006

千二百九十 : Late Late Dinner

we had a late dinner today cos Ryo by hook or by crook had to finish making his new year cards today. It's a big big deal in Japan, to send out the new year cards as a sign of courtesy to the bosses especially and to business contacts, and for some, a way to inform others of their new addresses, their new additions to their families, or their new weddings.

It was a really late dinner as we began our dinner at about 2.30am. haha. we wandered around Doutonbori 道頓堀 area (Shinsaibashi) and wanted to have some korean pot. that area is like shibuya at night, full of pimps and prostitutes and just alot of big groups of guys or youths loitering around. a place with night life. But the shop we went into was full and we had to settle for Ramen. I dun really like it but i was super hungry and had not much choice. so I got kimchi ramen & the kimchi came first.


i forgot about taking photos the moment the food came so no pictures of the ramen. haha. I managed to discover a new ad of Kimura Takuya today, so feast your eyes upon this one :
Kimura Takuya - Nikon d80 Advertisement

last day of the year tomorrow.. too fast too fast!!


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