Thursday, January 04, 2007

千二百九十四: Saying Goodbye

I had lunch with my ex-team leader today and I dunno why at the end of it, I felt quite teary. They were saying goodbye, take care and to meet them again soon. (T.T)

Most of the shops were still closed and we had no choice but to go to the office canteen for lunch. The food is still as horrible. haha.

after that i cut my hair. almost all the salons were closed and i walked around for almost 2 hours b4 I found a salon that was open and looked decent. I was glad I did it cos I felt so good that my hair was finally not that messy brownish yellowish coppery colour liaoz. I wanted to do facial actually but the shop I wanted to go to was closed. so I wandered around Shinsaibashi looking for a salon, getting myself more and more lost when I finally spotted this place. I wasn't sure I wanted to go in, cos it looked expensive, but I walked around another 30 min more and realised this was like the best place with reasonable pricing around liaoz. -.-

& Kimura got his newest magazine cover of the year!

An An 2007-Jan-10 Issue

i'm very happy that i went out today haha, else wouldn't have noticed it at all.

When Ryo saw me in the evening, he realised a second later that I looked different. haha. it was funny to see him talk to me and then just take a step back suddenly when he noticed. :)

sighz. I don't wan to leave yet.


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