Tuesday, January 02, 2007

千二百九十二: New Year Sales

today's shopping:
Shopping results
Ryo had to move the chair when I pressed on the shutter button. -.-

i couldn't find xynn a cool mom bag, maybe there are none. all those I see cost above $100++ and looked tacky. tacky colours tacky designs. I caught sight of a super cool looking one and picked it up to find it labeled Kate Spade and costing more than $400. wahaha. abit out of budget... and I think the mom would cry if the baby throws up on that bag. But I bought something else that seemed useful and maybe i'll add on abit more when I see other shops.

I had lunch with Kana and she had major news.so happy for her but I'm pretty surprised. :) well.. i'm happy she chose to confide in me.

The essays are not coming along at all! I tried to write some stuff but totally couldn't focus and the essay is in bits and pieces and I have no mood to write other essays at all. grrr.

I cooked Bak Kut Teh today (thanks to Prima Mix!) and we had a good dinner in the room but unfortunately we dozed off.. after the dinner. we were using the bed as chair and its so easy to lean back after eating and just zzz.

The TV is repeating its show formats for new Year. all the shows are the same as last year. the format at least are the same, some even with the same actors. Mostly are variety shows, some are shows similar to gladiator, where they gather sportsmen and pit them in events and another one is some gag show where they wire up the actors to heartbeat measures and make them act in skits with shock situations and measure who has the most shocks. -.- that one was funny at least, but its the same as last year. we went to yodobashi to develop photos today, it was sooo crowded. there were the new year sales, and the Japanese women are buying things like they are free again.

one more day of holiday tomorrow b4 he begin work again. argh.


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