Sunday, January 07, 2007

千二百九十六: Flu

Shucks. I'm down with flu. so is Ryo i think. My throat hurts. My nose is dripping non-stop. my head hurts too.

Today we had a sixoneder gathering. I woke up late, reached there late, but apparently I wasn't that late. The early birds had a good meal of the food there as the rest were really really late. And today we realised it's our 9th year of friendship. It was potluck dinner, dvd marathon and just talking about the past.

It was gross to find out someone had poured some sweet grapey soft drink all over our mailbox. and of those in the same column as well. WTF?! I saw the mail in the box stuck to the base of the mailbox due to the drink, yes it got into the mailbox and into our mail there as well, it was disgusting. I wonder who was the asshole who did such an inconsiderate thing. and unluckily, it was all my mail that kena-ed, but luckily, there weren't any very important mail. KAOZ. i dug the soggy letters out with my ezlink card, threw away the envelops and was contemplating washing the sweet drink off my letters but it would result in my letters being soaked. but then, if I just let the letters dry liddat with the sweet sticky stuff on them, ants would come. what should i do?! its DISGUSTING!!


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