Wednesday, January 10, 2007

千二百九十八: First Second Day of Work

Today was a day of great suffering. Please avert your eyes from reading on because there are some scary photos.

I went to the dentist last night and he decided that I needed to tighten my teeth by ALOT if I don't want to extract any teeth since the bottom row didn't seem to be moving much.

and so .. the change from Month 2 to Month 3.

Braces Part 2IMG_2400
Can you tell if the teeth moved at all?

I guess the gap on my top row closed up.. the gap btw the front and side teeth. it hurts like mad now. esp if i accidentally shut my mouth too fast and the teeth bang on each other. OUCH!!!

and its fast, the 2nd day of work has ended. The place has a great pantry, I do not ever need to buy drinks for the rest of my work life, even for lunch (people just choose watever drinks they want to drink for lunch and bring it with them to the food court), the eating places around the company has really low prices; spent less than $4 on lunch every day) and learning alot of new things, some of the difficulty is trying to catch alot of things my team leader is explaining in japanese as well and also reading the manuals and user guides in Japanese.

But. Great experience so far. I feel like I have alot more responsibility, since i'm going to be admin for the systems I'm supporting (COOL!!!). We can also chat and surf net freely during worktime (i checked with my sup about this, since apparently people dun even bother to lower the volume of their msn chat alerts and I keep hearing the PCs around me go "deng deng deng!" the msn sound and it irritates me! chat silently la!) but it becomes a con to have such freedom as Spiderman said "With great power comes great responsibility" and apparently,the colleagues in the same room as me dunno how to handle their great powers responsibly. work time liao, and this guy is making personal calls on his handphone, asking for tuition assignments from agentS, chatting to his gf, loudly. can't you make your personal calls outside the room? other people have to work you know.

My lunch is at 11am, following the Japan time (since clients are having lunch, you should be having lunch oso) and I can't wait for my next long weekend in February :) hoho. Although I won't be having CNY, my work follows the Japan calendar and holidays so that's alot better for me! i can't wait for the golden week to come though. :p

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