Saturday, January 20, 2007

千三百零六:Burning the Midnight Oil

Eyes can barely open now.

I was so tired last night i went to sleep at 11pm and woke myself up at 5am this morning to try to finish studying. I don]t think i will get an A or wat for the module liaoz. zzz. not enough time to study. nodding off even as i type this and i still have some materials to finish reading. how did a month go by like that?!

teleconference with USA and Japan yesterday early morning. the other girl from sg was late, but when the meeting ended, she was around and she gave me some tips in handling this job. I had lunch with other local/Malaysians/Indonesians in the Japan team yesterday, Shinji (my team leader) had arranged for them to have lunch with me. I was abit miffed at first, cos I don't really like other people arranging my time for me especially for meals, but I just said ok, cos he was only trying to get me to know more people so I can avoid WDL. WDL is the nick name we came up for the wussy guy, so that he dunno we are talking about him should it be heard. he tried to jio me to lunch with them yesterday then when I told him i wasn:t eating with them, he was trying to fish for info for where I be eating and with who. I could hear that he was fishing for an invitation to join but I just said nothing and told him to ask Shinji about it. after that, unfortunately, we all ended up in the same food court, albeit half an hour later than them, but he saw us and he was glancing over and after lunch, Shinji was telling me that WdL asked him if he can join us and Shinji just told him no. hoho.

I shall try to tell u the wussy story later after my exams. ok.. thats all for updates. i need to study.. nodding off.. shucks.


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