Sunday, January 14, 2007

千三百○一: Essay Panic

After a long day, (I woke up abit late unfortunately) I finally finished one essay. One out of Five that is. ARGH!! but for that one, I put in extremely hard work, as this is the first time i realised I'm writing an essay for a university module, and this is the first time I've written an essay with citations and all and figuring out where to put citations is killing me. How to put citations so that I won't be failed for plagiarism is abit scary cos the first essay required me to do my work from a handout and i didn't direct copy from the handout but rephrased the ideas but since most of it is from the handout, am I supposed to cite that handout for every part in my essay?? that would be abit messy right? and seems ridiculous since the question asked us to use the handout. hmmmmm.

ok in a panic to churn out 4 other essays today. that's all folks~


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