Wednesday, January 24, 2007

千三百零九:Lost post

crap sia. I had already typed this super long post but the damn iE 7 got some problem and the whole things closed while I was doing other work without me realising it!!!

I was actually writing this late post about the damn wuss with even a diagram to illustrate and make clear my point but apparently he jinxes my post also. CRAP!!

aiyah forget it. In summary, he's a complain king, very dependent on other people, and he keep complaining everything about Singapore like we are a 3rd world country. my team leader is helping me fend him off in the meantime. but I would still prefer not to be in any form of contact with him.

today finally my real work will start but there seems to be all sorts of delays which is why i am still doing this at 10am. hehe. and my colleague is eating breakfast cereal in a bowl he brought from home. hmm.

I should be starting on my next post-assignment given that the deadline is 10-Feb, but i just don't have the motivation or the discipline. it still seems quite far away. hoho. やる気がない!

ok I shall countdown to my first pay day which is in 6 days' time.


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