Monday, January 22, 2007

千三百零八:3rd week at work

hmm. my boss walked in on me twice today to see me checking mail. its ok but i dunno how she feels cos her expression was abit weird.

anyway, managed to clear the tasks at hand, explained to him how the new stuff works and so on. he was quite surprised i had already finished it, but then i don't want to say I don't really have other things on hand so I guess its all good.

sleepy. i got so sleepy at 3pm. i am trying to cut down on liquids because my pass has been taken away by that stupid whining wuss WDL and i can't go to the loo as and when I want cos i need to borrow a pass from other people. I hope my one comes soon, because its been 3 weeks!!

i bought a new game today .. Lumines II. yes, I am trying out retail therapy, to get rid of the horrible feelings that occured from some events last week. i'm just testing whose will is stronger, who can hold out the longest. almost 24 hours le. i would push it to a week.


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