Saturday, January 20, 2007

千三百零七: Out of my misery - Death Note 2

YAY! the first exam finally over. not a disaster, but not a very super successful one either, with all my retention powers, I still can't retain information for exams still. or should I say, I can't recollect during the exam. how to write 10 essays in 3 hours? it's almost impossible unless you're a robot. or you write 10 crap essays during 3 hours then it's possible too. grr.

but great. its a great weight off the mind. for now at least. I had forgotten the great relief feelings of post-exam, the fatigue you feel pre-exam and during the exam is forgotten once the paper is over. you feel free as a bird and can bounce off to all the post-exam activities you have planned le!

so today, I went to watch Death Note 2 with someone. he said his gf don't really like Japanese movies when I asked why he wasn't watching it with his gf. hmm, but then today is saturday, usually guys meet their gfs on weekends mah. so .. dunno la. hope things are OK between him and his gf. It's weird. He tried very hard to avoid contact with me for the past 4 years, or 3 years? since he sent me a xmas card in 2005, I guess that I should forgive and forget. I did forgive him le, but to forget is not an easy thing to do. but I don't know what to make of it, this suddenly coming back into my life to be friends again. The first time we met in so many years, last month, it was awkward, for me at least, that I found it very hard to look him in the eye. I didn't want to see the person I had liked so much, to fall back into the same trap again. But today, meeting for the 2nd time, feels very natural liao. maybe I'm just too tired today to try to fight my feelings of loneliness, maybe we do click and this was why we were even together before at all. of cos, have to keep reminding myself we are attached to other people, don't even think in any funny direction liao. aiyah, i think i just need some rest, head spinning and hallucinating weird thoughts.

It was fun today, we went to Vivo to watch movie, then walked around trying to shop. I was trying to get clothes, or shoes, but for the size of vivo, there is nothing decent being sold. everyone having winter wear sale, the clothes nowadays look quite crappy. i saw some nice t-shirts from Levi's though, forgot to get them after I did a 1 round recce of all the shops, maybe will go after work or something. Since I was holding an NYDC voucher for $15, we decided to head to orchard and have dinner at the one at Heeren. walked into Heeren to check out clothes after dinner and guess what, immediately found some nice low-heels that look nice on me at URS. URS never fails me, despite my long toes. on sale somemore! then got a speckled T-shirt from the Nike new collection. very cool design, just nice I was looking for a collared t-shirt after all.

J was great to walk into all the shops with me, even though it was mostly me shopping and then he helped me carried my shopping bags even though I didn't ask him to. it just feels good to be on a "date" and to have someone looking after u when you go out lor.

The movie was great, I was surprised at the ending part though. abit sad. but I still don't know what is L's real name! and how did Light know the real name?! I wan to know all these details!

good nite~


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