Thursday, February 08, 2007


My classmate advised me to email the lecturer to ask for a deadline extension for the assignment. Since I was doing OT almost the whole past month, he probably would understand that I don’t really have enough time to finish it. I am very tempted to, but my ego is pretty big; I don’t know if I will be penalized and I don’t want to use my extension request yet.

I have to defer the next 3 modules, I can foresee OT the next month everyday with the new tests coming up and she (my classmate) asked me if I would consider quitting the course since I just got a new job and the course is irrelevant to me now. Plus, I have no time to actually go to the lessons even. Once again, pride is the main concern. Probably I can do both, killing myself in the meantime (although I don’t know how I can do the 2 places at the same time thing). I am interested but not in really tearing myself apart. Again, there is the dilemma between job or studies as priority. I want to perform well in the job cos I just been given a job responsibility that is usually given to someone with more experience and that responsibility comes with the chance to travel to the company HQ in Seattle once every few months with the chance to lead the others and be the liaise between them and Japan and US. I was pushed up the job so fast cos I performed well the first month and I want to continue this trend. I have an advantage over others that I can communicate easily with both the Japanese side and US side and that’s one of the reasons why I can see the prospects. And the fact is that I am much younger than all of them.

So what should I do? I don’t want to give up the course actually, but I want to move up my job more. Advice please!!


Anonymous absolutjoiz said...

Think go for the job ba. In working, I don't think opportunity strikes twice. If u dun go for it, it might go to another person. Maybe in a few years time when you've got time for studies, you'll find that you'll want to increase your knowledge by taking another different course. who knows?

10:21 am GMT+8  
Blogger Edwin said...

quit teh academic course... simply retake it next time when u r in another job transition...

10:44 am GMT+8  

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