Wednesday, January 31, 2007


finally Wednesday. also, the end of my first month of the year at work. (give or take a few days)

As I didn't have much work this week, due to the UAT (User Acceptance Tests) creators fouling up a whole bunch of stuff, I had no reason to take a cab home from work. sighz. I left office at about 7.50pm and I reached home at about 8.50pm. :( It was a nice feeling to have some time for my hair to dry before I sleep though. Although the exhaustion I feel when I reach home is the same no matter what the hour is.

I had pizza for dinner tonight, Pizza Hut, joined my team for dinner before heading home. yesterday we ordered from dabao.sg. been wanting to do that for very long le, but it was too expensive and not worth it just cos I was lazy to go buy lunch. so we ordered from there last night, I had Mee Hoon Kuay and everyone ordered some small dish for him/herself and we shared the doumiao in the centre. it was pretty good. Today we wanted to eat zichar but dunno why all the zichar stalls were closed today. Do zichar stalls rest on Wednesday?!? which was why we ended up with pizza. Their Fortune feast set is actually quite good surprisingly. I was pretty skeptical of the chicken stuff on top at first but turned out to taste like Bak Kwa~~

team bonds are building up, except with that wdl. which is fine with all of us. so during the teleconferences nowadays, we'll mute the phone and chit chat (When nothing concerning us is being said) or check out the scribbles on each other's notebooks. haha. like school kids.

sighz. I better sleep earlier tonight. I overslept or should I say, I snoozed too long and missed my usual bus and the later bus came even later than usual and ended up me being 5 min late for work when that bus should have actually brought me there 5 min b4 work starts at least. Can someone please redraw the route for the service 963??? it really sux. and its too long!!

another soothing picture:
cloudy Sky after sunrise
this morning's sky

good night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

one helpful word: 'drive'

11:44 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

you forgot to give me the car to do that..

12:46 pm GMT+8  

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