Tuesday, January 30, 2007



I still am feeling super sleepy. I actually laid down my head on my work desk at about 8pm and actually dozed off for a few minutes. -.-

i still havent put up that story, i'm really sorry..

trying to get some most of my project work done at work as well.because the exam is the next weekend!! Argh!!! so fast and this project has so much i need to do that i'm panicking.

and I realise I haven't updated in 2 days.

Yesterday, the team + another Japanese lady went for dinner together (cos I suggested it hoho) for once they were not so busy so I said let's go for dinner at ABC market and they actually agreed. I forgot to take a pic but we had tons of things and everything added up to only like $9 per person in the end. we had curry fish head, oyster omelette, carrot cake, fried you tiao, satay, tofu, vegetables. sooo filling. quite fun but unfortunately the wdl was there to spoil things abit with his bad manners as usual.

Today I went to the dentist in the afternoon cos my tooth was aching like mad when I drank water and even more so when I drank cold water. I was sooo afraid it would be a decay cos I can't brush properly with the braces on but luckily it wasn't. Just something about it becoming sensitive because of the pressure from my upper teeth. phew. since my next appt was just a week away and my teeth had moved sufficiently this round to satisfy my dentist, he decided to just change the wire today anyway and now my braces are purple! will put up the pic of the change maybe tomorrow.

oh. A reason why I am so tired:

Where I wait for my bus every morning
I have to wait for the bus at this unearthly hour when it isn't daylight yet...

anyway, dead beat, I am going to shower and sleep. niteyz!

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