Sunday, February 04, 2007


I'm listening to the song Precious by Ito Yuna (伊藤由奈)。Some of you might probably know its the song from Umizaru 2: Limit of Love. It's sooooo overwhelming (cos it reminds me of the scenes from the movie) and I will feel like crying cos I will remember that disaster at Kagoshima in the show. hehe. too emotional liaoz.

Spent today piah-ing project. But.. fell asleep on the couch again. sighz. I dunno why i'm so worn out during weekends. And only 50% finished!! die liaoz. I better finish studying even if I cant do anymore of the Project today. (T.T)

Watching Food Fight VCD these 2 days. 「僕の胃は宇宙だ。」his famous line about his stomach being as great as the universe. and I realise the Poh Kim vCDs are just recorded from Japan TV, not really like proper VCDs. no wonder that time they recalled the whole batch! in this case, I would rather dl than encourage such unethical sales by those VCD makers. better quality anywayz.

Watched the match between Singapore and Thailand by accident this evening. I'm glad we caught it, cos my estate we heard people shouting (with one voice) when we were switching channels and went back to channel 5 in time to see the replay of the Thai goal. luckily, we managed to see the Singapore goal towards the end too. Well done Lions!

today's picture:
Soot Sprite

Soot Sprite from My Neighbour Totoro

this little thing is attached to my PSP for the moment and is really super cute! won't get dirty oso.. hoho.


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