Friday, February 02, 2007


We had Zi char for dinner today.

it was a good dinner because of the conversation (pretending wdl wasnt there of cos). I had no time to do my assignment at all though. HOw HOW HOW!?!

Work ended at 11pm and i got a taxi driver who drove maniacally, and I had at least 3 near misses of an accident. abit scared but the driver said don't worry and ok, i am still alive.

there's a china girl in my work place who wore such a low cut top today and purposely open her windbreaker so low that it doesnt cover aniting. -.- its an office!! not a club lor!! felt quite disgusted la. one look can tell she is the hiao kind liaoz. apparently she's one year younger than me. and she has managed to rouse wdl's interest in her with her hiao dressing. hahahaha. well done!!

ok. no pictures today though. good nite.


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