Wednesday, February 14, 2007

千三百二十五: WOW!

Today was my first time participating in a major event at the company.

We had a Love Stunt to promote Windows Vista and launch the Windows Vista MRT all coinciding with Valentine's day today. . so basically, staff were ferried to Expo station where we collected our goodies and balloons and waited to ride the MRT. haha. we all were supposed to wear a WOW t-shirt for unity (WOW is the theme, and the tagline is "The WOW starts now") but some went further with wigs.

the goodie bag paperbag
our goodie bag

all the staff with balloons

and so we waited and waited and a train came!! we were all very excited and almost stepped out of the yellow line to try to get a photo until we saw this:

Ordinary MRT
not the Windows Vista train

letdown sia. The station master told us that it wasn't this train, maybe the next one, so we waited and waited and the weather got warmer and warmer and finally we heard a loud and long blast of the horn, signalling the real arrival of the train.

Windows Vista MRT
the train we've all been waiting for

and the train is not just in 1 colour!

Windows Vista MRT
the rest of the train with the multi-coloured wigs

and then we were smart enough to go to the first carriage where the photographers were. Apparently, that's what the wig wearers were doing, trying to be on the evening news with their colourful hair and dressing. and antics. cos the orange wigged colleague was behaving like a drunk in the cabin.. for a woman of over 30 years of age, trying to pole dance and all. sighz. but I guess it was very entertaining for the rest of the people. and probably the press? hmm. oh there's a rabbit too!

the rabbit among the afros

then i finally managed to take a pic with shinji while sitting down in the train. Here it is!

me & Shinji
Shinji & me

*by the way, look at my teeth!!! they look straight!! :) :)

so we all from APOC office alighted at city hall to give out balloons to the public and to scare them by shouting "WOW" at them. what a hooha. but it was a sight to see the sea of black t-shirts and red balloons swarming out of the station. The rest alighted at Raffles Place, probably giving the shenton way people a scare.

the swarm of WOW t-shirts

from the station, we headed through citylink, and then exited through the esplanade exit to board the return buses. it was scorching hot and I was really glad the event was mostly indoors.

then the rest of the day after we returned was spent on a 3pm teatime valentine's presentation event for the new software and buffet reception. after that, helped Shinji cleared his table, shred unwanted papers, shift his stuff from the old desk to the new one. hoho. and the day ended w/o much work done.

well. its dinner time now.


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