Tuesday, February 13, 2007

千三百二十四:Hurt wrist

I went to the Chinese traditional doctor last nite, and he said I had a lump or something was gathering and hardening in my wrist. Hence the lump sticking out when I bend my wrist. Luckily that’s not a bone sticking out of there! So basically the lump is rubbing against one of the bones in my palm area and the friction caused my wrist area to hurt whenever I exert pressure to push anything. So the doctor sent me to the room with the therapist and he used some electronic voltage thing to try to break the lump up. After about 20 min of that, he did some 推拿 on my wrist which nearly killed me. It felt like he was really realigning my wrist bones for a few of the twists and turns he did with my wrist. (T.T) after that, he applied some ointment on my wrist and wrapped it in some bandage to prevent movement of the wrist by too much today bah.

It hurts as I use the PC even, now, using the mouse or typing. This morning I couldn’t properly twist my arm around to the back to wear certain clothing. -.- never realised the wrist was so important until now. Sighz. I have to go back for another check on Friday, hopefully things will be ok after that.

So I just shifted my seat this morning. The sitting arrangement is quite yucky.

New seats for me

If you can see the picture, I am at the centremost seat of the row, the furthest seat away from the team. And the Daigoro, that’s the gross and disgusting guy in the team. He actually was so ks to want to change his seat yesterday that he came yesterday (during the public holiday) to move his stuff. -.- and since he came yesterday, he should know what it’s like in the new seat, which is quite cold. But. Of cos, he fails to notice that its pretty cold and he of cos fails to bring a jacket today. When he was the person who kept complaining its warm? And when its colder he can’t take it? So we just ignored him when he came around trying to say its cold how to change the aircon’s temperature, and just told him to bring a jacket tomorrow. And that gross guy is diagonally behind me so I hate it that he can see whatever I’m doing on my PC if he turns around to kpo, which he does a lot. So I’m going to get a big mirror later to prevent anyone from sneaking up from behind me. Later going to Daiso to buy. My first trip to Daiso! So excited!

Today is probably the earliest I can get off work this month. The tests have been delayed again until Thursday. I have this feeling they going to make us come back during the weekend next week or the week after to make the deadline despite their mistakes. Grrr.


Blogger Edwin said...

"tui na" is quite ok except neber try "zeng giu" (acupunture), mi did once before, its more like "jia giu"... and they have poor hygiene one...

7:17 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

yikes! your hanyu pinyin is jialat..
acupunture is zhen jiu...

nah i wont do acupuncture. needles scare me.

10:55 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Edwin said...

hmm... seems that my chinese is quite poor, might become a problem if mi were to pick up japanese...

9:41 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

hehe.. your hanyu pinyin is not too good thats all. don't worry, angmohs who dunno chinese can pick up japanese without problems too!

1:49 pm GMT+8  

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