Sunday, February 18, 2007

千三百二十七: Letters from Iwojima

I managed to catch this movie tonight thanks to A.

I was pleasantly surprised when he agreed to watch the movie with me, and was so efficient in booking the tickets. He's another fren I haven't met with in at least 3-4 years.

Today, woke up at about 11am, then went to my dad's office to help him solve his modem problem. it turns out that the USB port is faulty and that the modem is fine. Went to get a wrist guard too, but when i tie it tighter, it cuts off the blood circulation and my hand goes numb but too loose and my wrist continues moving and it defeats the purpose.

After that, we went to my grandma's place for reunion dinner. Steamboat dinner, the food was so-so. i then left at about 9.30pm to meet A at Cineleisure. He looks the same, abit older maybe?

& we went for a cup of tea b4 the movie started and he said something tht surprised me. he said in 2002, we also went out for a movie on the CNY eve night too, at suntec. did we?! it was a surprise to me, what a coincidence I tot, but I can:t remember. i haven't started the blog then, so I can't check back to what movie we watched or wat else I can just use the blog to recall the date. today's conversation with him really reminded me of how much I have succeeded in forgetting the uni years. even though i am a details person, i couldn't remember all these things about him, his schools, etc, even though I most certainly would have and should have remembered.

anyway, the movie. This is the first time I came to the 9th level of cineleisure, the whole place is a LAN gaming center with 3 theatres. The movie was pure war, don't expect to see love stories like pearl harbour. and I had thought the movie was an english show (the directors are clint Eastwood & Steven Spielberg) but the whole movie was in Japanese! which was kinda weird. but i thought the show was kinda gruesome cos they showed alot of harakiri scenes, except the harakiri was done by holding a grenade in ur hands and blowing urself up. Internal conflict & the sheer overwhelming numbers of the US army led to the loss of this island. It was a very sad show..

When we finished the show at 1.30am? the cinema was still thronging with teens. i was very surprised. hmmmmm. reunion dinner with frens after the family dinner?


Blogger Edwin said...

do i happen 2 noe who A is?

8:07 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

nope dun think so. was a fren from hall

11:04 am GMT+8  

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