Monday, February 19, 2007

千三百二十八: Chinese New Year

First day of CNY today.

I woke up at 10am, showered and was ready to leave by 11.30am. we headed straight for my grandma's place, had lunch there and just sat there the whole day. Luckily, many other relatives visited my grandma and we just sat there collecting red packets. I was so sleepy (bored) I fell asleep in the afternoon for about 2 hours. In the evening, we visited my dad's army friend. This used to be a annual occurrence during CNY but it got lesser recently and we haven't been there in 4-5 years. So in our absence, they had acquired a dog.

The Dog.

The dog took to me, behaving much like the dogs in Nintendogs, rolling over to let me scratch its tummy.However, it took to me so much it tried to hump my leg later on. that was kinda gross. -.-"

However, quantity does not mean quality, and despite collecting over 12 angbaos, we did not get even $100 from today's visit. sighz.

So its back to work for me tomorrow. A scary picture for u from the doctor's visit on friday.


It was my first time doing acupuncture and it hurt less than I expected. But it was still pretty horrifying to see those needles in my hand. But it worked, and the lump really is smaller now after the treatment. guess i'll visit the doctor when they open again after CNY.

ok have a happy 2nd day of CNY tomorrow!


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