Wednesday, February 28, 2007

千三百三十七: Swamped

Being the last day of work for 4 members of the team today, (those in Japan who didn't want to come to Singapore and thus lost their job, and 1 who is going to prepare for relocation to sg) their work had to be passed to someone. And. guess who got it.

Yes, me. Ok la, it's not very difficult work, but from zero, I am suddenly the interim URC, and its a lot of work threatening to overwhelm me. From 8am, teleconferences start (the early timing to suit USA's evenings) and tomorrow there are 3 conferences scheduled at the same time!! because it is actually 2 separate person's work, it didn't occur to them that perhaps a single person might have to tear herself apart attending all 3 at the same time. -.- so i've had to reach the office at 7.30am, to prepare for the meetings b4 the meetings and to eat breakfast. and after lunch I'm just like nearly dozing off from sheer tiredness.

and Tomorrow, Shinji will be OOF (Out Of oFfice) for a meeting. and we 3 ducklings will be left to man the frontlines alone. abit worried, but shall just pray nothing major happens that I can't handle tomorrow.

gossip update. today the Beng didn't come to office until 10am. i think. then he only came back from lunch at 2.30pm. and he didn't walk past my place the whole day today except for those times. so zero chance to even open my mouth. He left the office at 5.30pm sharp (very good life ... ) but at that time, Shinji happened to be going through something with me at my desk (argh!!!!!) and i saw him glance over but continued walking past. sighz. there's always tomorrow I suppose.

新年会 The Party is tomorrow. I found an old tiara, maybe will use that to spruce up my outfit if needed. Thanks to my mom who managed to polish the thing until it's bright and shiny. hoho. I think i'll just go prettily. It's not a costume party after all. else its easy to just go as a cute french maid and say 'Oh, Master' to all the males there.


Blogger Edwin said...

probably good to take photo of urself while @PaRtiE...so pple know how pReTTie u r when u dress up...

8:59 am GMT+8  

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