Sunday, February 25, 2007

千三百三十四: Dream Girls

I watched the movie Dreamgirls with ZC, my cousin today. We get along pretty well outside my grandma's house, it's just very very strange that we don't talk there. hmm.

The movie was not bad, but the singing wasn't as connected as compared to Chicago, when the singing sounded very natural incorporated into the movie. This movie was sometimes singing and sometimes talking and when they started singing, it was sudden and often surprising. But mainly, Beyonce was really pretty. Although compared to the other girls, she looked skinny with her high cheekbones and everything.

ZC has many many friends. In the theatre, he bumped into his fren who was sitting in the row below us. Outside, he bumped into his army fren or uni fren, who was in the same batch as me in HC, in s63, whose gf was my hall junior and who didn't recognise me at first. hmmmmm. then, at The Heeren, he bumped into another fren again. so many!! I didn't bump into anyone at all, save the hall junior.

I managed to get the glamour mascara (mascara with silver glitter) at The Face Shop, saw some transparent mascara oso, which was just supposed to give ur eyelashes the wet look and look darker I think. It was cheaper than those pharmacy mascara anyway, so no harm, will give it a try tomorrow instead of my usual mascara when I go to work. The silver glitter mascara, will be used for the party I guess. more Celebrity feel. hahaha.

After that, I went to my grandma's place alone, cousin went for some other appts instead. No chance to ride his car unfortunately. My youngest cousins were really noisy, they are still in kindergarten, and it really just makes me very resolved not to have boys as my children in future. quiet girls are much much better. :)

Dental appointment this tuesday, I think I will choose baby blue rubber bands this month.

Must remember to photocopy my contract and my IC tomorrow.


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