Thursday, February 22, 2007

千三百三十一: Hillman Restaurant

OK this is the restaurant famous for the paper chicken apparently. Its at 135 Kitchener Road if any of you are interested. They really tasted good, but apparently the place is famous among Japanese, so the people around us were mostly Japanese. Even the restaurant owner can speak some Japanese phrases. haha.

today I went to the Police HQ for a photo fit session but ended up identifying the bastard pervert from a cctv footage taken at the MRT station. apparently the kind malay youth had followed the pervert all the way to the station (while on the phone with the police) and they had been able to at least ascertain he had taken the train and not other modes of transport. So, I iD-ed the guy in the video, and the malay guy was in the video too.. seriously a big thank you to that malay kid who lent his hand in this whole affair. Now they have a face of the pervert from the video and they are going to follow up on this lead to try to get the pervert. So HAPPY!!!! at least now there is a chance of an arrest and some leads for the police to follow up on.

getting busier at work or at least more responsibilities. I must not start doubting my own capabilities.


Blogger Edwin said...

will it appear in the papers?

11:33 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

u mean the incident ? I don't think so bah, just another molest case that happens everyday.

11:45 pm GMT+8  

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