Tuesday, February 27, 2007

千三百三十六: JLPT Results!

so happy! I managed to fail my JLPT Level 1 exam with flying colours!

Letter of explanation
The passing mark is 280, or 70%

JLPT results
I managed a 247/400! 61% score!

haha. actually I achieved my personal target of 60%, got more than that, so I should be on track to passing my exam maybe this year? hmmmm. but not bad, I really expected alot worse. But as expected my weakest section was the Reading/Grammar which is basically reading comprehension and a whole lot of grammar that I didn't know. but at least i got over 50% for that section! hoho. well, have to study harder this year!

I went to the dentist earlier in the evening, and this month I chose back Yellow again. there wasn't much of a choice, they had not many colours left, maybe cos its end of the month. -.- bearing in mind I have a party on Thursday, I decided against taking colours like Neon pink or green. maybe next month bah. I asked the dentist to tighten more this month, I want the bottom row to move more! the progress was slow last month, and the dentist agreed with me today that last month the rubber band wasn't very tight.

and we took a full team picture yesterday after the lion dance. you can finally see what that wDL looks like:

Business Operations Cos Team
the squatter on the right most in the first row is that irritating guy

well. I got no comments cos recently I been trying to just ignore him instead of showing I'm pissed. this is basic Office Politics I guess. dun let people find your weakness.

for some gossip, recently there's been a cute but beng-looking manager smiling at me every time he walk past my seat. i noticed because he would purposely turn to his left/right while walking straight along the corridor (depending on the direction he's walking in), meet my eye and smile. (#^-^#) unfortunately, he's married and I know this because I overhead his very loud conversation in the photocopy room on his handphone one day b4 he started purposefully smiling at me. On the phone, he said something about " last time my wedding blah blah blah... " (-.-) sighz. i saw his beng-looking black Lancer in the carpark (cos someone who knows who he is pointed it out to me) and found out from the parking label on his car that he lives in Pasir Ris (ya, i'm a stalker..) . so far away!! yah so when he walks by its like the highlight of the day cos my PC doesn't smile at me very much. then I'll manage a smile back even though I know he dunno me and i dunno him. argh. maybe i'll summon up my courage tomorrow and actually talk to him and ask him why he keeps on smiling at me. On a lower note, someone else is smiling at me but i feel pretty disgusted. it's another manager who is abit sissyish and looks like he is leering at me everytime i see him. yuck. This, I can do without.

okiez. gd nite people!


Blogger Edwin said...

are u in the picture? coz I cant see u, or are you in the center? Maybe the picture could be taken with a little more zoom though.

so thats what WDL looked like. Not too bad lor, at least he doesnt look disgusting...

7:36 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

yup, I'm in the centre. the white one. had my hair tied up. hmm. all I can say bout WDL is u should see him in real life, he is avg looking but his gross habits make him super ugly. (eg, touching his bare foot and digging at his toes when he talks to you while sitting on the chair) yuck!!

7:56 am GMT+8  
Blogger Edwin said...

wah seh!! mi tink beng manager like u sia...hahaha

7:19 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

if he's married, that makes him chee hong..

8:18 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Edwin said...

Its liddat one. Sometimes the guy may goooogle/fancy over some other girl, whether the guy know the girl or not.

8:30 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

haha. then i'll just let him continue smiling at me.

9:47 pm GMT+8  

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