Sunday, March 04, 2007

千三百四十: Northwest Rules!

I've finally got my ticket from Northwest Airlines to Tokyo after much procrastination on Ryo's part! yay! It offers the cheapest ticket to Japan after taxes, and even after adding domestic flight fare from Tokyo to Osaka, it beats Malaysia Airlines' timings and prices (which were the next cheapest). I would love to take SQ again; it felt great when Kev was able to go with me the last time so that we could both fly in comfort while taking advantage of the lowered prices, but their single-traveller unfriendly fares don't allow me to do that. Why though? its sad enough that the person is travelling alone, and you want to make tons more off him or her for it? The single traveller is a blessing to the airline, they should recognise and appreciate them for it. They do not make a ruckus on the plane (being alone, they seldom can cause much chaos) and they are definitely less demanding than families. and its not like they take up more seats or space, so why should they be bearing the burden of the promotions to the group travellers?

The Northwest online reservation system was abit buggy though, and I had to try 5-6 times before I was finally able to make a reservation successfully. I'll be away from March 20 - 27, pending approval of my leave from my boss, but it should be of no problem. Now, if only they started routes direct to Osaka as well.

All I have to do now is to check out the "Welcome to Japan" domestic fare package from JAL to get to Osaka & Okinawa. yay!


Blogger Edwin said...

are you trying to say that the ticket sellers prefer group purchases over single ones? I guess thats normal for them if they want to earn more though.

12:02 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

yah. there are only promotions for 2-to-go, 4-to-go, but never for 1-to-go.

12:50 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Edwin said...

how come their prices are stock market types? some low some high. some so high some so low...

1:29 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

dunno.. depends on when they want to offer full price or discounted price bah..

3:55 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Edwin said...

wat abt internal trips, lets say within the country? would these be actually be much cheaper even if the distance travelled could be longer?

10:10 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

not really, for a 1 way ticket from Osaka to Okinawa (about 3.5 hours flight?), it costs about 50000 yen 1 way liao. thats about $600 each way.

7:51 am GMT+8  

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