Monday, March 12, 2007

千三百四十五:Monday Flu

  • Sniffles the whole day, I sounded like an elephant as i blew my nose and honked and disturbed the surrounding peace.
  • Got work that didn't make any sense to me again, luckily some saviours were around and I could check with them my line of thinking was correct (it was.)
  • Almost fainted in the loo, was just feeling giddy while closing the door and had to take a few moments to steady myself against the wall.
  • Alot of newbies came in today. apparently the guys finished army and the girls just finished JC. hmmm.
  • Mr Beng smiled at me today. I'll admit it. I'm a wuss. I have totally no guts to stop him in his tracks and ask him who he is.
  • Got an unexpected call which totally made my day. *Evil laughter* The molester will never know what hit him.
  • Got another unexpected sms in the evening as well which made me pretty happy too. :) but that's just me cheering myself up. i think.
  • the person who's supposed to contact me the most didn't contact me in the evening however. as expected. sighz.


Blogger Edwin said...

so u got smile back anot?

9:32 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

of cos! it is reflex to smile back when someone cute smile at u...

10:54 pm GMT+8  

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