Sunday, March 11, 2007

千三百四十四:The Weekend

This weekend I got to noe a few of ZC's friends from his course, and we went for a movie on Friday after work at Vivocity and then to St James.

I ate Carl's Jr's Taco Salad for the first time (first time i eating at this franchise as well) and it was too much. abit ex, difficult to eat, quite nice at first but after awhile the vegetables stick to ur teeth (& braces) and become super irritating.

300 is great!! the honor and the integrity and the manliness is super exemplified by the Spartans. and their fighting skills are so systematic, so strategised that you can't help but say wow. unfortunately, it is gory, as all war movies, and this is a little worse because it uses spears and swords, not guns, and alot of limbs and heads and flying around.

so after that at about 11+, we headed to St James, my first time as well. it was not bad, abit too packed, interesting layout of rooms, went to look around almost all the rooms except dragonfly, the canto-pop room. THere was a live performance there, although from the top, it looks abit like a getai performance. hehe.

then we went to C's place at about 2++ to play cards and hv more drinks and played xbox. its like the days at zhiwen's place, except no mahjong and no ps2. haven't had such fun in a while, it made me really miss the days back when the guys were still in army and then they would have alot of time on their hands. and be less tired of cos. in the end everyone was asleep by about 7am,& something weird happened the next morning. that aside, i woke up at about 10am.

got home at about 10+, then C asked me if i wanted to go sentosa with them. since i hadn't been in the sun for awhile, i went, and it was a good relaxing day with the sun and the sea. played frisbee and sat at Cafe del mar for about an hour waiting for the rest of the rest of the people to come. after that they got into the water but i didnt bring any change of clothes so i just wandered around the edge. :s i should go get matching bottoms soon. ... it was wonderful weather yesterday, and i'm glad I went. got a little tanner (luckily not that much) and we headed to Vivocity for dinner at Superdog at about 7pm.

we wanted to catch a movie but then Notes on a Scandal was over!! was abit shocked then we didnt have a place to go, so we went to watch VCD instead. I didn't know there was the movie Butterfly Effect 2 and we watched that but i think Butterfly Effect 1 was better. was very tired after the day in the sun so I got back home at around 10.30 pm and conked out.

  • tried to study. haha.
  • watched 3 episodes of Desperate housewives - Mike seems to be having feuds or something against almost all the new guys in Wisteria Lane
  • watched Episode 8 of 華麗なる一族 - so very exciting! but very sad at the same time. 鉄平 (kimura) found out some life changing facts about his parents. and everything seems to be going wrong for him.
  • and i got flu. my nose is stuck and my throat is sore. sighz.


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