Wednesday, March 14, 2007

千三百四十七: MC

Got MC after seeing the doc last nite. He said the nosebleed was maybe due to blood vessel bursting in my nose due to the flu. if it doesnt stop after i recover from the flu, then it's serious problem. He even asked if I had any family history of nose cancer etc. I felt abit scared it was going to be something serious.

so I took his flu tablets, woke up this morning to spit out all the blood in my mouth. it was fresh bright red, and it was actually quite scary. the nosebleed hadn't stopped this morning yet, and my nose was stuck, i dunno with the blood or the mucus but the blood came out one huge lump with the mucus when I blew my nose. yuck...

so today I napped intermittently the whole day, think my monthly cramps probably led to the tiredness as well. napped until 8+ , stood up and just felt nauseaus, broke out in cold sweat. I don't know how that came about. and I had to sit down in the bathroom for a while to wait for the feeling to pass, cos I didn't want to puke.


My nose is less blocked now, the bleeding is finally over (at least I am only spitting blood, but its not flowing from my nose liaoz). work again tomorrow. yikes. hopefully got some useful work to do. i dun like having to pretend to be busy.


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