Friday, March 16, 2007

千三百四十八: Where's Wally?

Something big to happen on Monday morning. very early Monday Morning. I am excited, jittery, scared, and hopeful at the same time. And there is enormous pressure on me to play Where's Wally, in a public place, to find a face I might or might not recognise in the morning crowd. All the best to me.

Some random & crazy thoughts:
  • I went back to work yesterday, with traces of blood still coming out with my spit.
  • It was a mistake to wear my short denim skirt with the tight shirt to work this morning. Very sexy, but very uncomfortable.
  • Mr Beng gave a half-past 6 smile at me today. I was feeling abit sickly, so I barely gave him any smiles as well. He looks abit jaded and old from upfront.
  • I was very very happy to receive some sms-es from a person who's in the far east right now. (is it the far east? or is it more middle east? hmmm. ) hehe. hopefully I was not receiving a mass sms yah? I was smiling ear to ear for a whole hour after that. jialat. I must stop such silly behaviour.
  • I actually was regretting that I will be away from SG 22-25th March. Ok, I must stop regretting that as well.
  • I am actually re-reading the few sms-es I received btw these few days when I am feeling lonely to make myself dream and smile.
  • I managed to create 60 agreements all by myself today. hopefully I will be able to work at this pace or better on Monday as well else I probably can't leave on Monday night liaoz.
  • Cyril Takayama totally takes my breath away. Very mind-boggling as well.
  • It's very sianz that I probably will miss XH giving birth. argh!!!!
  • The movie 300 has a funny effect on guys who's watched it. They will go around quoting stuff about being a man from the show and wanting to tear their shirts apart (which reminds me of the incredible hulk instead.) . wahaha!!!
  • I feel like shouting "i miss u!!!!" at the top of my voice to everyone and anyone.

Ok, back to some normality, I am watching desperate housewives & Grey's anatomy consecutively, and its nearing the last episode of 華麗なる一族. My fren stupidly spoilt the ending for me; i still hope its not watever he said, but I am still dying to watch the next episode. I stayed late at work again, on those 60 agreement things. I am totally a control freak i realise, I find it a lot faster to do things myself and my way than to bother explaining and teaching people what to do and end up they do a shoddy job for u and u have to check still. and u might as well do it urself so that u totally know what's going on in everything that is created. I can't really think straight now, all i can think of is what will happen on monday morning if i fail. :s

I wish tonight was monday night already.
although i am looking forward to the 28th as well.


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