Tuesday, March 27, 2007

千三百五十六: Last day.... sighz.

ok i'm trying to blog from the hotel here.
shifted yesterday, the hotel has a 32" plasma LCD tv, accidentally watched tv until about 2.40am. BUT no lan broadband internet in the room, pretty irritating. our hotel overlooks the le Meridien hotel  (those poor folks at that hotel probably can't see the sea at all) and we can see the monorail right outside our window. Our hotel is in Odaiba by the way. and the amenities in the room is super cool and pretty. hehe.
i finally found my jeans last nite! accidentally. we were like thinking its abit late, at about 8pm, but we had the day pass to the monorail so we took a ride to the Toyota megaweb area with the gigantic ferris wheel and there was venus fort there, a shopping complex that was designed to look italian and a beautiful fountain inside. so we were walking around, i suddenly saw this sign that says levi's ladies jeans sale and it was like 15000yen jeans going for 5000 yen and it was the ladies perfect body series with like leather trim on the pockets. fits me great, so happy!!!
so i guess thats about all for my shopping for the trip, couldn't find a bag that i really like, probably going to Fuji TV later (next to the hotel) and maybe Aqua city again (its also next to the hotel). i didn't manage to get any thing for my cousin..sorry, but there wasn't anything that really suited him.
had breakfast at their restaurant, morning buffet, it was pretty good, and we had counter seats that faced rainbow bridge and we watched the ships go by while eating breakfast. VERY relaxing. this is why people live near the sea.
I better go shower and pack liao, only 45 min left til check out.

on NW5, 6.45pm - 1.25am tonite. fyi.

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