Sunday, March 18, 2007

千三百五十一: Weight Loss

These few days I've been trying to get my abs into some sort of shape other than round. so I was hula-hooping and then my sis suddenly commented that I looked thinner and that my shoulder and bust seems smaller (= almost nothing left). I was very surprised, didn't know what to say since I had been eating normally.

after that, during dinner I was thinking about what she said, and I really had only a small appetite. even though I was famished before dinner, during dinner I couldn't eat alot. thought back to the week and I realised my eating portions were really getting lesser and lesser. Being sick, I didn't have much of an appetite for the past week. Friday's lunch was just sandwiches from breakfast time and dinner was cup noodles. yesterday had pasta for lunch but there wasn't enuff and I just stayed hungry until dinner time and I only ate a little too during dinner cos I was afraid there wouldn't be any left for my sis when she came back. today too, only had lunch and the little bit of dinner. nothing seemed appetising. and then I decided to weigh myself and omg, I had thought i was at least still 45Kg, but nope, I was only a bare 41.5kg and this is after dinner directly. I'm quite shocked.

i just hope tomorrow morning's big thing goes smoothly, am just feeling sick in my stomach thinking about it.


Blogger Edwin said...

so i suppose u r into the skinny fashion?

9:59 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

i dun diet.

3:20 pm GMT+8  

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