Saturday, March 24, 2007

千三百五十四: Tower of Terror

anyway, it's supposed to be spring time in Japan already, despite the freezing weather. The flowers are out, the sakuras are barely out but its supposed to be spring.


& just nice, this year Disneysea is celebrating their 5 year anniversary, so there were all the deco stuff hanging around and their spring carnival had just started the day b4, so there were like special events and promotions too.

5th Anniversary Decorations
5 years of Disneysea

Spring Carnival
Spring Carnival with Tulips

The main ride everyone rushed for was the Tower of Terror. It's a new ride, just started since September 2006 and even when we entered the park at barely 9.20am on a weekday morning, the queue was at least 1 km long for the fast pass for this ride. with the main queue having a wait time of 120minutes. !!! so we queued about 30 minutes for the fast pass, we got a time slot of 1555-1655 at 10am in the morning. -.-

Tower of Terror FastPass
Fastpass to the Tower of Terror

but it saved us alot of queueing time i guess, since we were now free to queue for other shows. so to give u an idea of what the tower looks like:

Tower of Terror cookies
Tower of Terror cookies

Hotel Hightower
Hotel Hightower - Tower of terror

This is just the front of the tower, I realised I didn't take a full pic of the tower. but its a free fall ride, so we were taken up to this 38 metre high area while the story of Mr Hightower's (owner of the hotel ) is being narrated and we were just rising and rising in this elevator car structure while in the building until we reached the top and finally, we stopped for 2 seconds at this open window area where u can see how high u are and ur heart just stops when you see and you realise this is when it happens and then the car just drops and the free fall weightless feelings just hits u . I couldn't stop screaming and the car stops after 5-6 seconds (i think) and i thought phew its over and then it starts rising again. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! and then i was thinking "oh shit oh shit" all the way to the top and it was another broken window lookout stop for 2 seconds before a much longer drop this time, all the way screaming to the end. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

when the ride ended I was jelly legs and ryo was laughing his head off cos it was damn funny that i screamed the whole way. -.-


The rest of the days was mostly shows except for the Storm Rider ride. They had this broadway styled theater show and it was pretty good, and the Mickey could play the drums very well and also dance. yes, in the costume.

Didnt see many characters that day, only 3:

Chip or Dale
Is this Chip or is this Dale?

a Duck

Marie the cat
& Marie the cat with weird eyes

There was fireworks at night, but it was so short, only about 1-2 min so it wasn't that great.

anyway, yesterday, woke up at 1pm again.. i dunno why is it so difficult to wake up here, today also actually. and then we just bummed around until about 5pm while Ryo did some work and we went to Uniqlo cos I really was out of clothes and got myself a few pieces of clothing. no sale unfortunately, but in the end most of the clothes i bought were more suited for singapore. hehehe. then we went Akihabara, cos i saw the Canon Selphy Photo printer ES1 on tv and tot it was pretty cool. BUT.. turns out they use some weird cartridge set for their ink and paper, it was quite impractical even though the print quality was good. HP was the next best choice, but alot more expensive. maybe I'll check out the HP one somemore later. Had a great Korean food dinner, forgot to take pictures only until the end though... hehe

韓国料理 Korean Food for Dinner
Korean food all finished

Today we are supposed to go to Meiji Jingu or Asakusa but we are feeling very lazy and its already 2pm. argh.


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