Sunday, March 25, 2007

千三百五十五: Shibuya Shopping!

today I went on a shopping frenzy.. (#^-^#)

bought presents for my sisters, bought myself alot more clothing, actually not that much but more than i would have bought in any shopping trip in Sg and felt very happy.

Ryo bought a pair of shoes too, finally he bought something haha. we went to look at sneakers, I couldn't buy any for myself, cos i have no more space in my luggage!! sianz so after that i went to 109 and bought myself 2 tops and then a game at Bic camera. i didn't realise i have points in my Bic camera point card! so happily got 600 yen discount for the game. woohoo. then we zobo-ed at starbucks abit, then we had dinner at a German grill restaurant. the portion is enormous and it was very delicious.

Pepper Pork Steak
black pepper pork steak

so full after that... I went to stock up my toiletries from Matsumoto Kiyoshi, a drug store with like everything, and bought a ton of hair repair stuff. we are moving to another hotel tomorrow, to stay one night in a good hotel, Hotel Nikko Tokyo. its in Odaiba, unfortunately not facing the sea, but facing the tokyo bay park, good enuff i hope.

so we came back to pack our bags and i realise my half empty luggage is now 120% full!! argh, its the sneakers' fault but i guess my own shopping oso contributed quite alot. hopethat it isn't overweight.. but at least Ryo will be helping me when we go to Narita together on Tuesday afternoon. sighz. one week just went by like that. I dun wan to go back to work on wednesday!!! although I am looking forward to payday on Friday. hahaha


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